For demonstration purposes, find a rubber-band.  I know you have a rubber-band lying around the house somewhere. Now, if you were to wrap the rubber-band around your finger several times, it would be very tight on your finger.  At first, you would find the rubber-band to be slightly irritating, but your finger would maintain its function – bending, writing, typing, etc… However, it would be an interference in the activities.  After a while, the pressure would continue to build, dependent upon how tight the rubber-band had been wrapped on your finger.
As time went on, you might notice a discoloration in the end of your finger – losing its pink skin tone and instead turning purple, blue, grey, white, etc… as it passes the point of interference and begins to interrupt normal activity.  You may notice a decrease or even a loss in range of motion in that finger, but you could still manage to get by.    You could still do most of the activities that you wanted and needed to do with that finger.  However, the interference would then start causing some pain, maybe you would notice some tingling and numbness. Perhaps, by this point it has begun to create a little concern.  After all, you and most others are used to being able to feel the end of your fingers.
What would you do?  What are your options?
Some people may suggest taking an over-the-counter medication, perhaps a pain killer. Although it might alleviate the pain you are feeling, the root of the problem is still there.  Some may say ‘Exercise!’  You can open and close that joint as much as you want, but the problem would continue to remain.  Others may say ‘Massage the muscles!’  Still the root of the problem continues to plague you.  Some say try ‘Physical Therapy!’ Yet the problem remains. Although some of these options are great, none of them reach the underlying issue and will never “FIX” your problem.
The problem is INTERFERENCE!  What you need, is someone that recognizes that there is a rubber-band on your finger. Someone that knows how to remove the rubber-band in the most effective and efficient way. Depending on how long the interference has been there, removing the rubber-band may create some additional pain and tenderness – blood rushing back into the tip of the finger, nerves pathways opening, reactive muscles, etc…  These are all a part of the healing process.  
This is what YOUR CHIROPRACTOR can do for you!  They search for the root of your problem and the cause of your complaint. They seek to find the interference in your nervous system and remove the interference through spinal adjustments. Upon removing the interference, you may notice a host of benefits including but not limited to a decrease in discomfort and irritation, and an increase in function, flexibility and range of motion. Ultimately resulting in a healthier joint and a healthier you.