I went to see Dr. Jordan for neck pain and jaw pain. She did some adjustments that greatly relieved the pain I was having in my neck and targeted what was causing the issues to prevent more pain in the future. She did a fantastic job when I was barely able to eat because my jaw hurt so bad and the dentist was unable to fix the problem. I was able to eat most normal foods after just one adjustment and the pain was gone after a few more. I would highly recommend Dr. Jordan to other patients looking for both quick and long lasting relief.

Steph M.

I had never been seen by a chiropractor before seeing Dr. Jordan, and now I will never go a week without getting checked.


Dr. Jordan is absolutely amazing! I was experiencing issues in my lower back, when I made the choice to have her treat my discomfort. Within weeks I was feeling like my old self! She always has a smile on her face and has the patient’s best interests at heart. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my achy breaky bones!

Andrew W.

I began seeing Dr. Jordan for a low back injury due to job related activities. Where other treatments had failed, Dr. Jordan prevailed! Chiropractic care has been crucial in maintaining my active lifestyle.


After years of ‘cracking’ (self-adjusting) my own neck and having terrible weekly headaches, I paid a visit to Dr. Jordan. Not only has she eliminated my neck discomfort, but I have been headache free for years!



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